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Are we really who we think we are (Two quick ways to find out).
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Are we really who we say we are?
Are you really who you think you are?
Here are the 2 best ways to find out.

One of the greatest ability we have is being able to think for ourselves (especially in terms of critical thinking).

However, it is also one of the most difficult tasks for most to do as well..

Because in the study of psychology, it’s called conformity. People will agree with something even if they know 100% that what they are agreeing with is either false or wrong if they are in a group setting and given the time to reconsider. There was a test that people would state whether a line was longer or shorter. Everyone would say the wrong answer on purpose (the actors) and the real participant would conform to what they were answering, almost indefinitely after the first go around.

Crazy right? Now, for all we know, I could be making all of that up (I wouldn’t… or would I? Who knows)

🤔 But, all jokes aside.

Here is an exercise to see just how valid it is or isn’t.

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Identifying Identity: A Philosophical Interpretation of Identity

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Identity. What is it? How can one define that which defines them? Is identity found at a molecular level, physical level, psychological level, or is it a combination of all three?

In truth, identity is something completely multidimensional and inescapably transcendent, much like water. You can’t quite wrap your hands around it, but you know it is there.

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Learn how to identify yourself,

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Featured Article of The Month